Trip Report DFC Expo July 2015

What a great expo this summer! This was only my second time as a seller and I learned a lot from the feedback I received from both sellers and veteran buyers at my first show in February. I also learned I still have a lot to learn. Good grief, was that exhausting and exciting all at the same time!

Thanks to everyone who helped out with words of encouragement and advice. DFC is such a great community – rather than looking at everyone else as competitors, other sellers welcomed me and reached out to help me be more successful. It’s not often you see something like that. Granted, there is such a variety of merchandise that there is not as much overlap as I expected. Even so, I felt much more confident this time around. I also had a lot more fun! Maybe I wasn’t as successful financially; however, I made a lot of great contacts in both sellers and (potential) buyers. That’s a lot more valuable to me!

“E” Ticket magazines #15-22 listed on eBay on May 31

I listed the last of the black & white “E” Ticket magazines in my collection on eBay on May 31:

#15 – Disneyland’s Mark Twain, Spring 1993 SOLD

#16 – Haunted Mansion, Summer 1993

#17 – Tomorrowland 1967, Winter 1993-94

#18 – On Disneyland’s Waterways, Spring 1994

#19 – Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad, Summer 1994 SOLD

#20 – Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Winter 1994-95

#21 – Pirates of the Caribbean, Spring 1995

#22 – Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, Winter 1995

These appear on the SHOP DISNEY page as long as they are available for sale.